Viridesco Golden Hemp Flower Oil 2ml


(THC/190mg CBD/1510mg)

CBD – 30.20%

This CBD Oil is a Full Spectrum CBD made from Organic Hemp Flower.

It has been independently tested at 30.20% CBD.

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Viridesco Golden Hemp Flower Oil 2ml

1:8 – THC/76mg : CBD/604mg

CBD – 30.20%

This Viridesco Golden Hemp Flower Oil 2ml is a Full Spectrum CBD made from Organic Hemp Flower.

It has been independently tested at 30.20% CBD.

CBD is known to be an antiemetic, an anticonvulsant, an antipsychotic, an anti-inflammatory agent, an antioxidant, an anti-tumoral, and an anti-depressant. It is known to be neuroprotective, reduces blood sugar levels, increases immune function, promotes bone growth, and even acts as a vasorelaxant.  All of these properties provide for some surprising but excellent uses.”

CBD 30.20% Lab Results
Rank Canabinols %Value
2 Delta-9 THC 3.79
3 CannaBiChromene 1.66
1 CannaBiDiol 30.20
5 CannaBiGerol 0.60
4 CannaBiDiVarin 1.16


What Is It?
Organic full-spectrum CBD oil. Pesticide and Solvent-Free! Independently tested.
CBD is paving the cannabinoid road with many significant medicinal benefits without the THC ‘high’ commonly attributed to marijuana.
The most effective way to consume CBD is regularly, in smaller doses. Our Patron precision dispenser allows patients to consume a regular dosage of CBD effortlessly. No syringes, just clean and green; precision dosing.



Who We Are
Vancouver Islanders with a passion to produce the purest and cleanest cannabinoid oils on the market.
What Drives Us
Our mission is to bring you cannabinoid oil with the world’s first precision dispenser for clean and green precise dosing. Check out our industry-leading device:
All of Viridesco products are individually batch tested to verify their cannabinoid profiles. Medicating with cannabinoid products has never been so simple. From soil to oil!
Why We Do This
Oil For Life is the founding principle, we believe in what we do. Thanks to the efforts of Ted Smith, cannabinoid derivatives are legal to consume medically. It is our honour to bring you our very best work, every time.


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