Viridesco 90 Day Program


90-day recipe sheet.Jan.30.2018

The 90-Day Program is an interpretation of the ‘Rick Simpson Protocol’ which calls for the user to consume 1mL of pure cannabinoid oil per day. 

For people with chronic illnesses



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Viridesco 90 Day Program


90-day recipe sheet.Jan.30.2018

The 90-Day Program is an interpretation of the ‘Rick Simpson Protocol’. The Rick Simpson Protocol calls for the user to build tolerance to cannabinoid oil. Gradually increasing dosage until reaching the ability to consume 1mL of pure cannabinoid oil per day. The Viridesco 90-day The program builds up a tolerance towards the goal of full strength in the shortest amount of time. By following the 90-day program design, the client will have reached 90% potency by the 90th day and could be ready to consume 1mL of full strength oil.

These kits use 15 unique batches of differing strengths so that the new user can dispense the same amount of product each day, with the confidence that they are continuing to build up to tolerance. 


These are natural plant-based products that are not flavoured or adulterated in any way. The product can be mixed with fatty foods, or with herbal tea if the taste is too strong on its own.

Cannabinoids are most easily absorbed when ingested sub-lingually. Holding the product below the tongue for a few minutes before swallowing allows for sublingual absorption. The product can also be put onto a spoon. Lick the spoon, hold under the tongue, swallow, then repeat.

Everybody processes cannabinoids differently, proceed with caution. The length of time to use the program can be stretched to as long as needed. If a peak intolerance is reached, use the chart to adjust the dosage of the product to a desirable level.

Using the Dispenser

In the bottom of the Viridesco 90-day Program box, there are instructions and pictures on how to assemble and use the stainless-steel Apollo Dispenser. The most
important markings are the etched lines that follow around the outside of the circular housing disk. A daily dose of the program is 7 turns of the twisting device, so use
the etched lines to keep track of the start and ending of each complete turn the dispenser makes when twisted.

Dispense the product by gradually turning the twisting part of the Apollo in a clockwise direction. Once the product is dispensed turn the twister backwards,
counterclockwise, to remove the pressure off the cartridge when not in use. Nearing the end of the program the cannabinoid content increases, making the
product more difficult to dispense when cool. If getting the product to flow is difficult hold the dispenser in the hand for 3-5 minutes. Alternatively, submerge the
dispenser in warm tap water for up to 5 minutes to get the oil flowing. Do not try and force the product out. Cannabinoid oil usually needs to be warmed up before it will move freely.



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