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My Cannabis DNA Individual Screening Kit by CannaGX a test for interactions and sensitivities to cannabis medicine. Know your dose, how you metabolize and if you will have any sensitivities like proneness to anxiety. Each kit is unique to you.

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My Cannabis DNA Individual Screening Kit by CannaGX, a test for interactions and sensitivities to cannabis medicine. Know your dose, how you metabolize and if you will have any sensitivities like proneness to anxiety. Each kit is unique to you. Nothing like this is available in Canada until now.
This is a legal and confidential method to show you may benefit from cannabis and fight for your rights to access.

Confidential, Accredited & Approved Genetics Lab Tested.
HIPAA Compliant Facility.


The evolution of cannabis-based medicines has highlighted many benefits, concerns and possible sensitivities. As of January of 2018, Health Canada has issued guidelines to prescribing cannabis to 30,000 physicians. The concern the medical community expresses is that the schooling system continues to deny or lacks the education regarding the Endocannabinoid System.

Development of DNA and genomic studies have provided private medical entrepreneurs to sidestep regulation by working with genome databases. The new style of medicinal care is unique to the individual and cannabis. No need to possess regulated materials opens many doors.

How does this work?

  • Order your “My Cannabis DNA” screening kit right here
  • Follow instructions included in the kit, 4 oral swabs, consent documents, specimen return envelope, and prepaid secure courier return envelope.
  • Return to Molecular Laboratories
  • Await email with your access to the secure HIPM compliant database
  • Share with your cannabis or medical professional.

This revolutionary DNA screening is becoming a medical standard in many jurisdictions. This is an in-depth review of your individual DNA profile compared to Cannabis DNA database that has been developed in the USA.
This process first addresses metabolization of THC and CBD by the body, the speed of metabolization, expected and unexpected interaction issues and specific dosage information for use treatment of Pain/Anxiety/Stress/Sleep/Insomnia.

Its shown that up to 18% of individuals may show markers of sensitivities or negative interaction issues. The screening will provide exact amounts of THC and CBD required to interact with your body and the issues you are looking to address. Information regarding method of consumption is it through flowers, tincture, vape or edibles. As well as how to respond to overdosing of cannabinoids and possible interaction issues regarding pharmaceuticals and herbal supplements.

Included in the report is a simple to use educational component with all the terminology and some of the science behind medical cannabis use. Many of the acronyms and terms used to explain the process may seem overwhelming or foreign to many. This is a great tool to learn and gain control of your medical regime.

Your collection kit includes:

  • Four sterile cheek swabs
  • 1 specimen collection envelope
  • Return envelope
  • Prepaid postage to and from Molecular Testing Labs™
  • Instructions and requisition form

Please note:

The DNA test is sent to you directly in the mail to complete.  Test results are only shared with you.  You are free to share them with whomever you like.  Our company stores your results in a digitally secured and HIPAA compliant database, just like your doctor or hospital.  When future products are released, more insightful reports will be available, often without submitting additional DNA samples.


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