Mary’s Wellness Hot Chocolate


Smoking marijuana causes damaging effects to the lungs. We provide a convenient solution without the harsh effects. 

Each Serving contains 60mg THC & 6mg CBD





Mary’s Wellness Hot Chocolate

100% Clean & Organic – Made the Way Mother Nature Intended

Edibles take a longer time to be absorbed into the body. This makes their effects also last longer – meaning you can relax more, and dose less.

Whether you’re searching for stress reducers, anxiety help, or improved focus, Mary’s Wellness carries a delicious line of products to suit every taste. Edibles are not only a great source of essential nutrients and calories, but they also help with nausea – and they don’t require inhaling smoke that can potentially damage your health.

We proudly make our own unique hybrid blend, refined from cannabis oil shipped from the Netherlands.

Smoking marijuana causes damaging effects to the lungs. We provide a convenient solution without the harsh effects. 

With convenient on the go solutions, Mary provides a comfortable easy way to achieve relaxation and tranquillity.

The benefits of caffeine combined with THC are enormous. It provides all the energy of the caffeine without the anxiousness. 


It’s Time to Take Down the Stigma

Convenient Brews for On-the-Go
Whether you’re riding the subway to work or relaxing on the couch, grab a cup of Mary’s Java. With a variety of tastes and flavours, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

A Perfectly Paired Caffeine Blend
When ingested, cannabis can have over twice the longevity as if it were smoked. Our speciality blends give you the advantage of these longer-lasting benefits of cannabis but come paired with the sharpened focus of caffeine.

Concentrate without the Crash
Ever wondered what it would be like to experience the high of coffee – without the shakes and crash that come afterwards? By pairing the TCH in cannabis with the caffeine in coffee or tea, you get all the energy-improving advantages without the spiralling crash.

Natural Disease Treatments
Cannabis is used worldwide in the treatment of cancers, Alzheimer, epilepsy, and even more. It has nausea-reducing properties, helps stop cognitive degeneration, and can help increase anti-inflammatory capabilities.


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Mary's Wellness

Box of 12, Single Serve


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