How can I become a member of BCBudsOnline?
Signing up is easy, just follow these two simple steps.

  1. Create a profile by entering your email and password.
  2. Enter your shipping address.

We believe in the sovereign right of all adults to use this plant and medicine in a responsible manner as they see fit. As such, documentation proving medical “need” is not required.

What payment methods do you accept?
At this time, we are able to accept Interac email money transfer. We can receive payment via Credit Card but this will require you to pay an additional 4% Credit Card Processing fee to cover the Credit Card charges.  E-transfer is widely available to anyone with a bank account and can be sent easily from a computer or mobile device. Exact details for payment will be supplied to you at checkout. Please be sure to follow these instructions closely for fastest processing: If we cannot receive your payment, it is set up to be auto received, but if your bank is not able to allow for Auto Received e-transfers you will need to enter the details as per the instruction.

I’ve sent the e-transfer, what’s next?
Once you’ve sent the e-Transfer, it could take up to a few hours for us to receive an email notification of your payment. The status of your order will be ‘On Hold’ until payment is received. If we receive your payment by 2:00 PM PST (BC Time) between Monday – Friday, your order will ship the same day otherwise it will ship the following business day. Once your order has shipped, your tracking information will be accessible from the “My Orders” area of the site (accessible via “My Account”). You will also receive a confirmation email (check your Junk folder!) which will contain the tracking number as well.

How long do I have to send my payment?
Your order will be kept ‘On Hold’ for 24 hours. If payment is not received within the 24 hour period, your order will be cancelled.

I sent payment but my order is showing up as cancelled!?
You must be very careful when entering details for the
e-transfer. If you send it to the wrong email, we will never receive it. If you use the wrong password, we won’t be able to accept it. If we cancel your order, it’s because we did not receive an e-transfer. Please check the details of your outgoing e-transfers in your online banking. You will be able to cancel whatever transfer you sent or modify it to reach us. Only transfers sent to the email provided will reach us.

Can I change/edit/cancel my order?
Yes, you can request your order to be cancelled through the dashboard. This allows us to ensure the product is restocked before the order is deleted. then you can just make the order again and resubmit.

Detailed Instructions that are sent to you via email and shown on the screen upon completion of your order:

Thank you for your order and your business.

We value all of our customers, BC Buds Online strives to be the best customer service provider we can be, please contact us with any request you may have, we will do our best to accommodate.

We ship Monday – Friday, Pacific time -8:00 GMT:

Orders received along with their accompanying payment before 2:00 PM Pacific time will be shipped the same day unless circumstances interfere and we just can’t get them all out, all depending on how busy a given day is. The order will go out the next day.

Fridays after 2:00 pm orders will not be shipped until Monday.

We do not ship weekends or holidays as Canada Post is closed.

We ship via express post with NO signature required, If you require a signature due to special circumstances please add a note to the notes field in your order or send an email after the fact to our contact email [email protected]

The Order Process:

You should receive an email at each stage of the order, (check your junk mail) when you make an order, there should be a confirmation email sent to your inbox with order details and instructions for payment, once your payment is accepted, the order is moved to processing and another email is sent. Upon completion of your order, your Canada Post Express Tracking # is uploaded, and a completion email is sent with a clickable link to track your order.

If for some reason you are not getting our emails, it could have something to do with your internet service provider. You can always log in to your dashboard on the website and get your tracking and updates from there.

If you haven’t already sent payment:

Please send your E-Transfer to an email that we will provide if you have not received it via email or have not seen it comes up on the screen after your order by contacting us at [email protected] (E-transfers addressed incorrectly or sent to the wrong email will not be accepted – [email protected] is not the etransfer email, do not send the E-transfers to this address please, contact us for the correct email).

We have set up automatic etransfer, so it does not require a question or answer to be entered. If your bank is not compatible then you need to use the information provided below.

E-transfer Special instructions:

The name MUST BE set to:


Please put your order number in the notes field when you send your E-Transfer

Question to be used:  ‘A City in BC’

The answer to the question: vancouver‘ – E-transfer answers are NOT case sensitive

if you have a special bank requirement where they do not accept the word ‘vancouver‘ as the answer – then please use ‘vancouver‘ followed by your order number (i.e. vancouver13245)

problems, questions or concerns, Please contact us. [email protected]

Thank You

BC Buds Online

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